Prof. Choi`s R.P.

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  • 5 D.‐I. Moon, S.‐J. Choi, C.‐J. Kim, J.‐Y. Kim, J.‐S. Lee, J.‐S. Oh, G.‐S. Lee, Y.‐C. Park, D.‐W. Hong, D.‐W. Lee, Y.‐S. Kim, J.‐W. Kim, J.‐W. Han, and Y.‐K. Choi "Ultimately Scaled 20nm Unified‐RAM" IEEE International Electron Device Meeting (IEDM), 12.2, pp. 284‐287, 2010-12 PDF
  • 4 S.‐J. Choi, D.‐I. Moon, Y. Ding, E. Y. J. Kong, Y.‐C. Yeo, and Y.‐K. Choi "A Novel Floating Body Cell Memory with Laterally Engineered Bandgap using Si‐Si:C Heterostructure" IEEE International Electron Device Meeting IEDM), 22.4, pp. 532‐555, 2010-12 PDF
  • 3 S.‐J. Choi, J.‐W. Han, S. Kim, D.‐I. Moon, M. Jang, and Y.‐K. Choi "A Novel TFT with a Laterally Engineered Bandgap for 3D Logic and Flash Memory" Symposium on VLSI Technology Digest of Technical Papers (VLSI), pp. 111‐112, 2010-06 PDF
  • 2 M. Jang, M. Jun, Y.‐K. Choi, and S.‐J. Choi "Metal source/drain technology for nanoscale MOSFET & high speed flash applications" Semicon Korea 2010, 2010-02 PDF
  • 1 D.‐I. Moon, S.‐J. Choi, J.‐W. Han, and Y.‐K. Choi "A Study of a BJT based capacitorless 1T‐DRAM with Consideration of Geometrical Dependence" Proceedings of the 17th Korean Conference on Semiconductors, pp. 7‐8, Daegu, 2010-02 PDF